Great Exhibitionists: a renewed commitment to life and decay, always

Liam Dougherty creator
Shirley Renwick creator

a renewed commitment to life and decay, always is a participatory audio-visual installation in the Royal College of Music Museum, London.

A collaboration between composer and sculptor. Visitors are confronted with a 100 year old upright piano that has been stripped down, baring its essential components in the soundboard and strings. It is accompanied by a sculptural instrument searching for feedback in the air, its piano wire antenna reaching beyond its confines. Any sound in the air will cause the piano wires to resonate, and this energy is captured by microphone and diffused throughout the Museum through multiple layers of code and technologies.

This installation explores the hidden resonances of the instruments and the air, by using strings and technology to translate the potential sound vibrations into a visual and sonic force not usually experienced at the forefront of our perception.

Part of our Great Exhibitionists series. 

31 March 2022, 12:00pm

RCM Museum

Free, but required


Published by Shirley Renwick

Artist - London