Artist Statement

I like discovering

I like uncovering

I like hope

I like listening

I like when my mind changes

I like expansive spaces

I like air

I like nothing

I like seeking truth, even though I think it doesn’t ultimately exist, I still search for it

I like to see, I really like to see, I like to really see

I like when things heal themselves

I like connections

I like projections through light, space and air

I like being with people, sometimes

I like contrasts

I like gaps

I like to imagine what is happening in the invisible

I like reflections

I like traces

I like time when you notice it has folded and kneaded itself up and around

I like Heidegger’s wonder of the world worlding around us.

I like action

I like gentle, soft and quiet

I like that I contradict myself

I like that all of this will change and I will like other things instead.