World News at Noon

Launch date: 21st June, 2021, noon (ongoing)

In this solar powered bulletin*, an update on human data is given to the Earth’s networks. Available in real time at noon (GMT time). (*Live broadcast transmission may fail on cloudy days.)

In association with the Low Carbon Design Institute residency 2021:

“The Earth cannot talk” Ross Atkin

“Systems affect you, human and non-human….visible, hidden or invisible powers” Dr O G

“The average citizen thinks government will take care of it.” Adam Hardy,

“Its easy to feel overwhelmed by something as big as climate” Luke Nicholson

“Reject boundaries – reuse, repurpose, reform” Simone Ferracina

“We are rethinking everything” Debby Ray

How can we reduce internet carbon use? Michelle Thorne

Liberation not limitation.

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Published by Shirley Renwick

Artist - London