On the Low Carbon Design Institute Residency

Really invigorating to be an artist in residence at the Low Carbon Design Institute 2021: gently powerful creative thinkers innovating change. Low Carbon Design Institute Response: The way forward appears to be circular: loops, bubbles and circles. And friction, which need not be not fun: ruptures can lead to better circles. Dead ends are theContinue reading “On the Low Carbon Design Institute Residency”

Hope (We want it back) 2021

25,002 tissue paper confetti pieces, dropped on the threshold of The Safe House, London. First Impressions Exhibition, The Safe House, London, SE15 3SN. 22-27 June, 2021 Confetti – a ritual object with myth attached, contains traces of celebration, love, joy, union, togetherness; A fragile tissue of pastel circles. Hope – strong, fragile, seductive, contagious, vulnerable,Continue reading “Hope (We want it back) 2021”

MYTHICAL FOOD: Make your own Himalyan Rock Salt Recipe Card

Make your own fake food: Himalayan rock salt In collaboration with the Centre for Genomic Gastronomy https://genomicgastronomy.com/about/ Ingredients: Salt (any type, at least 180 miles from Himalayas)Underpaid worker to mine (home carer would do)Explosives, hand tools (do not use machines)Rock (local stone)Water (local tap) Method:Mix salt in water until it does not dilute any more.If rockContinue reading “MYTHICAL FOOD: Make your own Himalyan Rock Salt Recipe Card”