I am interested in air.

i am from the atlantic coast of scotland. Air resonance is deep rooted for me, its motion, its power, its changes, its becomingness. This object, or bunch of objects within it, crashing around in the geist space, distrubing the gestalt, constantly becoming.

I was a breaking news journalist. what is in the air is a void, but an active void. what is now, liveness, it is social, political, ecological, geological, anthropological, historical, ethical and philosophical all at one instant.

Lyotard – when no words for unjust, breaks the system, ruptures. See the culture as it is, unreal, Baudrillard’s simulacra and simulation.

Constraints of language, systems, structures, in music, language, society deny the void, but ruptures and clashes within the space allow for new opportunities and threats. Collaborating with not forcing structure can help see this non human other, sometimes human sometimes not. A third space. (Or even more dimensions – physics, Robert Irwin phenomenology, post phenomenology.) I was in the music industry, I was interested in interaction, choice, not forcing, allowing, collaborating appeals to my curiosity for insight into what is happening around me and can often reflect back in me.

boundaries, edges, lines. irregular, ruptures, richochets. interactions. 1920s artists, 60s artists today,

Klee/Sophie Taeuber Arp/Barbara Hepworth/ Robert Irwin/Richard Serra drawings/Lee Ufan/Sarah Sze/Pierre Huyghe (Constable sketches/Turner/Hepworth sketches) Pauline Oliveros/Alvin Lucier

During Covid I have become more aware of the moving spheres of existence. I have been exploring the space between. Drawings and models of sculptures have depended on finding boundaries and edges, lines and them being shaky, unstable, sqiggly, categories and their failure in completion, or their disturbance, or multiple differing events, helps to see through their structures, visible and invisible.

grids, edges, squiggles and circles and the space between them all – in the clashes and ruptures, vibrations, feedback this is where the action happens, in the active void.

I am interested in other nonhuman entities and using human tech and tools to communicate, its failure highlight for me the structures of human communication, the distance from real, the seeming naiveity of even seeking truth today. Tech produces partial truths and partial simulation, partial simulacra, partial sensationalism, and partial certainty, a belief that the whole truth is available (in tech/science/human).

paradox –

of stillness,

of certainty,

of silence,

of stability,

of edges,

of control.

permeable me,

Long Rhythms – air time – real, truth, indexical, elemental.

Philosophy/theorists – Heidegger, Irwin, Harman, Bennett, Tudorov, new materialism, speculative reality/aesthetics

Also Francois Lyotard, Stuart Hall, Timothy Morton, Daisy Hildeyard, 10 dimensions book, Mark Fisher – many viewpoints/dimensions, contradictions, eerie points to unknown/more truth.

Shirley Renwick Map 2021

Shirley Renwick, Stone Circle 2020


Shirley Renwick Hello World Series, Silence 2020


Shirley Renwick Deconstructed Landscape Painting Air collaboration in felt and ink. 2021


Shirley Renwick, Language 2020
Shirley Renwick, The Absurdity of Language 2020


Shirley Renwick Sound impressions 2020


Shirley Renwick, Air portrait 2020



hello world sound

hello world video

Published by Shirley Renwick

Artist - London