On the Low Carbon Design Institute Residency

Really invigorating to be an artist in residence at the Low Carbon Design Institute 2021: mixing with gently powerful creative thinkers innovating change.

Low Carbon Design Institute

Response: The way forward appears to be circular: loops, bubbles and circles. And friction, which need not be not fun: ruptures can lead to better circles. Beware of creating apparent dead ends. Rethink everything. Make everything green. It may feel disorientating, embrace it, reshape, redefine. Energy, power, economics, media, tech drives change. Hearts and minds care about community and support. Fear, nurturing, empathy for the suffering, positive energy for greener change. Uselessness is a sign, a call to action, get to the system and change. It will change without you, so take a bit of power to protect what you value. Then loop round and do it again until there are swirling circles looping in 3D luminescent bubbles all around. Is that why stonehenge is a closed circle? Have we been telling ourselves this before?

My individual action feels useless against the huge climate, but scale up to species level and 1 billion human actions has impact. Good or bad, our individual choice, for now. Choice, if we want to claim it, is in the balance, if we change ecology, ecology will be changed. We can’t expect to continue as we are, but we can make a choice to continue what we want, and reverse the harm. Even if just in seemingly stupid little ways.

Published by Shirley Renwick

Artist - London