MYTHICAL FOOD: Make your own Himalyan Rock Salt Recipe Card

Make your own fake food: Himalayan rock salt

In collaboration with the Centre for Genomic Gastronomy


Salt (any type, at least 180 miles from Himalayas)
Underpaid worker to mine (home carer would do)
Explosives, hand tools (do not use machines)
Rock (local stone)
Water (local tap)

Mix salt in water until it does not dilute any more.
If rock is too large to carry, place explosive in a drilled hole first.
Pour mixture over rock (mimic rock in sea)
Wait a few days (for human-made sea water to dehydrate away)
Chip away crystals and package (preferably in plastic)
Ship around the world (before consuming)

TIP: You may need to prevent local animal from licking stone

Published by Shirley Renwick

Artist - London